To dedicate and to give to each other are most precious in life.  As long as you are willing, you can offer your love and blessings to those who are in need.


Our team of ‘Spiritual Envoys’ pays regular visits to hospitals to give company and care to the suffering patients. They carry out the principle of “Together We Overcome Hardship” by listening attentively to the patients and offering them encouragement and spiritual support.


Our team of ‘Love Envoys’ visits elderly homes regularly.  They bring in energy of liveliness and joy to the elderly friends, give them entertaining performances, and conduct life reviews with them by listening patiently to their stories and extending timely consolation and recognition.


Volunteers who are on duty at the Centre help with the daily office operation, clerical support, as well as the tasks before and after each activity and event.


We sincerely invite you to join our team of volunteers to benefit the many.  Together we sow the seeds of great love and broadcast the spirit of ‘True Love is Borderless’.






For enquiries, please call:3153 4499

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