How It Happened:

Hong Kong Buddhist Society for the Blind is currently the only Buddhist organization serving the blind in Hong Kong. It was founded out of the kind intention of a Buddhist who had lost his vision in a surgery with the hope to lighten the heart of the blind with Buddhist scripture in Braille. The Centre for Spiritual Progress to Great Awakening (SPGA) admires their mission as we also started hospital care service with a virtuous thought to pass on the spirit of great love to all walks of life. Hong Kong Buddhist Society for the Blind is not only an organization that we care for, but also a companion that we learn from.


Our Objective:

There are currently 120,000 people in Hong Kong who are visually impaired. These people, although visually compromised, have sound hearing and a sound mind. We hope to clear the fog that cannot be seen with the eye by co-organizing various activities for them, so that they can “See the world with their heart and live a new life with wisdom.” We hope, through participating in these activities, the hidden ones can rejoin the society; rediscover the true, the good and the beauty in them; and act to benefit both themselves and others. Besides, we hope the public will cherish the health of their eyes, and be considerate and take care of the needs of the blind.


Our Vision:

We have had co-organized several large scale events, for instance, Bodhisattva Festival Carnival, visiting singleton elderly and elderly homes, flag-selling in Hong Kong Island, and sending love and care activities on various festive occasions. All these provided a chance for the blind to make contributions to the society, and also for the public to understand them better and thus give them more support and recognition. We shall work and serve the society in the spirit of inclusion and live through the vision of “Impact life with life”.


Our Belief:

SPGA volunteers will work with the visually-impaired, contributing to light up the flame for the blind in darkness. As one flame can light thousands of lamps, we can lighten the path for many others.

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