Concept :


Life experiences are bound to vary. There will be moments of excitement, of hope, and of joy, but there are also times when you will sigh, feel lost, and grieve. No matter the days are good or bad, they represent an experience, a footprint. Each step helps you reflect, and each life teaches you something. Let’s educate life with life, and let every life be lived better.


Purpose :


Beacon in the Dark: This is targeted at Buddhists and aimed at examining the value of life and the attitude towards learning Buddhism with Buddhists, and helping them understand the various rituals of monasteries and the meaning of all Buddhist rites.


Life Education: Courses ranging from one-day (There’s Got to be a morning after), 3-day (To live better) to 5-day (Free Mind, New Life) are offered to enable people in various states of living, to understand the rhythms of life, stimulate and unleash the energy of mindfulness and embark on a positive journey of life.


Format :


Beacon in the Dark: Elaboration and practice of all kinds of Buddhist rites and experience sharing.


Life Education: Lectures on themes with inspirational activities, theme-matching movies and experience sharing.


Life Education — One-Day Courses :


In order to assist members of our society to live a good life, our centre has organised some one-day life education programs.  They include ‘Grey Can Be a Grace’ for the elderly, ‘Get Along Well with Your Children’ for parents, 'Love Talk' for couples. ‘I Will Live a Better Life’ and ‘Cure Your Illness with Smile and Ease' for the sick.  In the future, we will continue to organise more life education courses on different topics so that more members of public can benefit from our courses and live a better life with ease in different states of life.