How it happened:

In May 2010, St. James Settlement invited SPGAHK to be its partner to work together to expand the telephone reminder service. The elderly applicants must have passed St. James Settlement’s scrutiny. Upon approval, a pharmacist will interview the elderly participants so as to get to know their medication taking in detail. After that, our volunteers will each be assigned with a case. They call the elderly participants not only to know about their medication taking and follow-up consultation but also take the initiative to express their care and love, and listen to their needs. Our volunteers are required to submit a monthly record to our Centre which will in turn send it to the pharmacist and the social worker of St. James Settlement, who will make necessary follow-up action. Our Centre holds regular sharing meetings where our volunteers share their cases and any problems that they have come across during their service.


Our objective:

A lot of elderly people who have contributed to their families and society are now living in isolation and loneliness. They may have seen better days. People come in and out of their lives. To all that they have no say. Certainly, we must recognize and thank them for their contribution in various aspects. Their practical and realistic way of living, and their determination are all valuable attributes that we should acquire. We also hope to walk with them through their sufferings and into a happy life.


Our vision:

We plan to let the case targets stay at home/nursery home and meet our volunteers via video link. In this way they can share their feelings in an environment which they feel familiar and comfortable. One’s life can truly influence that of another. We believe we can bring love to the elderly who are sick so that they can feel blessed and protected.


Our belief:

Only with a true heart can one feel for others and relieve them of their pain and agony. Only with sincere care can one walk with those who suffer so that they can live a life free of regrets and worries.

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