Life is full on ups and downs. No matter good or bad, it is an experience, a footprint.  It is never short of teachable moments and valuable lessons.
The Centre’s Life Education series covers two key areas: “Light in the Dark Road”, the Buddhism version of Life Education Programme.
A team formed by graduates of Life Education Programme, organizes regular activities to serve under-privileged people in the community.
Life Education
AimCourses which last one day, three days, or five days, would be designed to help participants lead a vibrant and meaningful life.
Modethematic lectures, inspirational activities and theme related movies and sharing
Light in the Dark Road
AimFor Buddhists or people interested in Buddhism, to explore the meaning of life the correct attitude in Dharma study, understand the meaning and manners in rituals.
Modelectures and instant practice, experience sharing
愁也一天,喜也一天,不計不較安樂連年。— 衍陽法師